"Not So Stuffy" Hollandaise Sauce...In a Blender

Whenever I think of Hollandaise sauce I immediately think it's way too "rich" (in more ways than one) for me.  Mind you, I love it.   It's the perfect breakfast - think "McMuffin"...only fancy.

So tonight I was scrambling (pardon the pun) to make dinner and thought it would be fun to try a "brinner".  A term used by one of our Facebook fans to describe breakfast...served as dinner.

Tonight's dish - Eggs Benedict, only I didn't have a "packet" for that...and I have  "packet" for everything (chili, tacos, fajitas, shake and bake...).

...and then I found this recipe for hollandaise sauce...in a blender.  

...and this is what I created with it...Eggs Benedict - Bagel Style.

....a bagel..topped with a fried egg & two strips of Canadian bacon & homemade hollandaise.   You can also use the traditional English Muffin.

I used Smart Balance for the butter (in the sauce recipe).  Thus, my version isn't quite as *thick* (aka-fattening) as the original.

The kids loved it....my husband loved it.  It was drive-through *quick* and fine-dining...fancy.

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