A Little Soup for You! A Family Favorite Tomato Soup Recipe from the Former 4B's

My husband (then boyfriend) talked me into moving to Montana 10 years ago from Minnesota. His selling point, "it's warmer". "That works..." I reply while packing my bags.  One of the first places he took me on the "woo Traci to Montana" visit....a mom-and-pop restaurant that served "the best tomato soup ever" (according to him).

It wasn't exactly "wine'ing and dining" until I tried the "Montana-famous" tomato soup from 4B's.

Trust me, as a native Minnesotan...I am *all-about" anything warm - especially  soup...and this one knocked my wool socks off.

Fast forward a decade (or two) and two tomato-soup loving kids...I thought I would  try to recreate the ol' 4B's magic and whaddya know - the recipe was online. Sadly, the original owners of 4B's retired and out of business. Happily...they decided to share the glorious...yet delightfully simple recipe.

So there you have it. The tomato soup ever...probably...and most likely.

Stay warm and enjoy! 

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