Handheld and Healthy - 5 Breakfasts You Can Send Your Child Scurrying Out the Door With

Do you find it difficult to roll out of bed some mornings?  Me too.  Even worse is rolling out of bed..(usually late) - wiping my eyes, fumbling for coffee while trying to come up with a quick and healthy breakfast for my kindergarten & 1st grader.  Let's just say that if I haven't cooked a healthy breakfast ahead of time...they dine on cereal.

That's why I like to make breakfast in the afternoons when I am somewhat alert and when I actually enjoy cooking.  Here is a collection of great "handheld" recipes that you can serve your child quickly (or send them out the door with).

All of the following recipes are freezable and microwaveable.  I like to make 10 or so "handhelds" at a time.  I package them by twos or fours (depending upon the portion size)  in freezer ziplock bags and then again in a larger freezer bag with a label on it.

With a little afternoon / evening effort - this will streamline your morning routine and allow you to feed your child a protein-rich, healthy breakfast that you can be proud of.

Handheld Breakfast Pies

Bacon Egg and Cheese Cups

Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich

French Toast Sticks

Breakfast Burritos

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